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It’s made up of recycled paper and card

It’s fully biodegradable

The ribbon is made from plastic-free, biodegradable cotton

It’s sent to you using biodegradable envelopes and labels

Plus, every medal has wildflower seeds embedded in it, so when you’ve had enough of showing it off, simply plant it in the ground and you can grow your own wildflowers!

It’s not for everyone – so you don’t have to have one.

Every single one of them is handmade by us – which make them unique but also they’re not perfect, they’re incredibly lightweight as they are made up of compressed paper and card. We recognise that this may not be for everyone, which is why it’s an add-on to any race you partake in. It’s for those that want a memory and a record of their run but who don’t want to contribute to the global waste issue.

You don’t have to have one but if you do, you can trust it’s better for the planet.

Take only memories, leave only footprints.