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What’s a virtual race?

A virtual race is a set distance you elect to run within a certain cut-off date. You can race at any time of day, on any type of terrain, you just need to run (or walk) the elected distance and upload proof that you’ve done it. We publish results after the closing date so you can compare your time or speed if you wish to and we donate the trees that you’ve earned to be planted.

How many trees are my miles worth?

Every race distance earns a different amount of trees. Each race will state the number of trees you can earn with each distance run.

Where are my trees planted?

Together we are helping to plant trees in 18 different countries across the globe, in North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Africa. The trees are often planted as part of reforestation projects after major wildfires or to repair damage caused by industry and resource extraction.

Who plants the trees?

We partner with some amazing not-for-profit organisations to help us plant the trees you earn.

How do I know my trees are planted:

For every race run we keep a total of the number of trees earned. At the end of each race deadline we pool the money raised and send it to our partners to plant the trees. Planting typically happens in the rainy season when the soil is wet to provide optimal conditions. Currently our partners are working within an 80–90% survival rate of all trees planted. We are provided with evidence of what tree species are planted, expected survival rates, community engagement and ecological benefits which we share in our newsletter if you wish to sign up.

I want to race like-for-like, do you do terrain-specific races?

From time-to-time we organise virtual races that are for certain terrains, so trail runners and treadmill enthusiasts can all enjoy a more level-playing field. Keep an eye out or sign up for our newsletter.

Do I have to run?

No! The idea is to get people out and about, getting fit and planting trees! A walked marathon is just as important in planting trees as a sub-3hr run one!

How do I submit my evidence?

Once you have completed your challenge please log in to your account and upload your evidence.

What proof do you accept of my run?

We accept screenshots of all major apps, such as Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyRun etc. Just ensure your evidence shows your distance and time. We also accept screenshots of organised races that show your name, distance and time, such as ParkRun.

When is the deadline for results to be provided?

The deadline is given when you sign up for each race.

When will I get my medal?

Our medals are all handmade and made to order to minimise waste. We aim to post your medal within a week of your evidence being submitted and verified. We post the medals using royal mail 2nd class postage. If you haven’t received your medal within 14 days of submitting your results please contact us.


Got any more questions? Email us and we’ll be happy to try and help: werun@earthruns.com

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