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Our mission is to harness the energy of people to leave the planet better off for the next generation. For every race you participant in you earn trees to be planted. On top of that, we donate 20% of EarthRuns profits to protecting existing trees and forests.

Our tree partners

We’re about as green-fingered as a hippo, so we leave the tree planting to the experts! We partner with some amazing not-for-profit organisations to help us plant the trees you earn. For every race run we keep a total of the number of trees earned. At the end of each race deadline we pool the money raised and send it to our partners to do the planting.

Our partners are well established organisations such as the Amazon Conservation Team and One Tree Planted, who not only plant trees, but also help the communities in which they work. The impact of deforestation is a complex and detailed problem that affects people’s lives locally and so it’s important that these elements are considered when reforesting.

Our partners report back to us with evidence of what tree species are planted, expected survival rates, community engagement and ecological benefits and they work to protect existing trees where possible.

Planting typically happens in the rainy season when the soil is wet to provide optimal conditions. Currently our partners are working within an 80–90% survival rate of all trees planted.

If you want to find out know how we’re doing – sign up to our newsletter where we’ll provide regular updates.

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