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Family Exercise Challenges Overview

EarthRuns Family Exercise Challenges work on a simple concept – you choose a challenge based on the number of minutes you think you or your family can complete in 4 weeks. You keep a tally of the minutes you do and each week you submit those minutes to your account page before the deadline. Once we’ve got all 4 weeks results we verify them and plant the trees you’ve earned!

Each challenge has a specific number of trees that can be earned, the more minutes you do, the more trees that are planted. That doesn’t mean you have to be super fit or have a huge family to make a difference. Just 30 minutes a day can earn 4 trees and they make a big difference. Each tree will grow to support over 392 species and create enough oxygen to support two human beings! Every challenge really does count.

Do I have to do the set number of minutes per day?

No – as long as you’ve done the equivalent of the minutes per day for 4 weeks it doesn’t matter if you don’t exercise every day. So, if you pledge to do a 30 minute/day challenge but choose to do 60 minutes on day one but 0 minutes on day two, that’s OK. The key figure is 30 (minutes) x 7 (days) x 4 (weeks) = 840 minutes in total.

What’s the total number of minutes we need to do for each challenge?

30 Minute Challenge: 30 (mins) x 7 (days) x 4 (weeks) = 840 minutes total
60 Minute Challenge: 60 (mins) x 7 (days) x 4 (weeks) = 1680 minutes total
90 Minute Challenge: 90 (mins) x 7 (days) x 4 (weeks) = 2520 minutes total
120 Minute Challenge: 120 (mins) x 7 (days) x 4 (weeks) = 3360 minutes total.

Do I have to upload my results every week?

No, it’s just a good reminder to keep on track. As long as the total amount is submitted by the deadline we’ll plant the trees.

Do you need evidence that we’ve done the exercise?

No, with the virtual races we ask to see evidence from exercise trackers and sports watches, but we want this challenge to be open to everybody in order to do as much good as we can. That does mean that the system relies on your honesty and is open to abuse, however, we think that the kids will keep you in line and ultimately the trees still get planted. You just might not feel as healthy or as happy if you don’t actually earn them!

Where can I download an Exercise Tracker sheet?

You can download it here. We’ve allowed for up to 7 members per family but feel free to print off two and add more if you’re a large family or living in a commune. Cool…



Our climate is in crisis, planting more trees and fighting deforestation is one part of the solution. You maybe running a virtual race but you're contributing to an actual solution. You run the miles and we partner with organisations worldwide to plant the trees. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fun.

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